Galapagos Species Checklist


Bullseye puffer (<em>Sphoeroides annulatus</em>), Santa Cruz Island.

Bullseye puffer (Sphoeroides annulatus), Santa Cruz Island.

Fish are aquatic vertebrates with gills. They are exothermic animals, meaning their body temperature varies with the temperature of their environment.
Taxonomically they can be divided into two classes, Chondrichthyes have a backbone made from cartilage, and Actinoperygii have a bony spine.
Almost all fish have scales that protect their body. In general, fish have well-developed circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems.

Authors: Nathalia Tirado-Sanchez, John McCosker, Diego Ruiz, Angel Chiriboga, Stuart Banks.

Other Contributors: Margarita Brandt, Rodrigo Bustamante, Rosita Calderón, Ned Deloach, Graham Edgar, José Miguel Fariña, Diana Flores, Jack Grove, Alex Hearn, Paul Humann, Lotta Kluger, Robert Lavenberg, Jerson Moreno, Tom Poulson, Fernando Rivera, Franz Smith, Nathalia Tirado-Sanchez, Verónica Toral, Marco Toscano, Mariana Vera, Luis Vinueza, Frauke Ziemmeck.

Last updated: Aug. 24, 2016

Names of taxa included: 570 total (544 accepted, 16 unidentified taxon, 2 doubtful, 1 preliminary identification, 3 problematic, 4 new to science), 22 rejected.

Origin of the taxa included: 1 accidental, 79 endemic, 452 indigenous, 1 migrant, 1 questionable endemic, 19 vagrant.

Adding up the number of species in each category will not always equal the total number indicated. Some species have insufficient data to be categorized while others (e.g., category eradicated) will not be included in the total.

Pisces Species Checklist

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Domain Eukaryota

Kingdom Animalia

Division Chordata

Class Actinopterygii

Order Albuliformes

Order Anguilliformes

Order Ateleopodiformes

Order Atheriniformes

Order Aulopiformes

Order Batrachoidiformes

Order Beloniformes

Order Beryciformes

Order Clupeiformes

Order Elopiformes

Order Gadiformes

Order Gasterosteiformes

Order Gonorynchiformes

Order Lampriformes

Order Lophiiformes

Order Mugiliformes

Order Myctophiformes

Order Notacanthiformes

Order Ophidiiformes

Order Osmeriformes

Order Perciformes

Order Pleuronectiformes

Order Scorpaeniformes

Order Syngnathiformes

Order Tetraodontiformes

Class Chondrichthyes (= Elasmobranchii)

Order Carcharhiniformes

Order Heterodontiforme

Order Lamniformes

Order Orectolobiformes

Order Rajiformes

Order Squaliformes

Order Torpediniformes

Class Holocephali

Order Chimaeriformes

Class Leptocardii

Order Incertae sedis

Class Myxini

Order Myxiniformes

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Tirado-Sanchez, N., McCosker, J., Ruiz, D., Chiriboga, A., Banks, S. (2016). CDF Checklist of Galapagos Fish - FCD Lista de especies de Peces de Galápagos. In: Bungartz, F., Herrera, H., Jaramillo, P., Tirado, N., Jiménez-Uzcátegui, G., Ruiz, D., Guézou, A. & Ziemmeck, F. (eds.). Charles Darwin Foundation Galapagos Species Checklist - Lista de Especies de Galápagos de la Fundación Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin Foundation / Fundación Charles Darwin, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos: Last updated 24 Aug 2016.