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Welcome to the Collection Database of the Charles Darwin Foundation. This database includes records of all Natural History Collections hosted at the Charles Darwin Research Station, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos.

Our collection database includes records of all specimens of our four Galapagos Natural History Collections: the Herbarium (CDS), the Terrestrial Invertebrate Collection (ICCDRS), the Marine Invertebrate Collection (MCCDRS), and the Vertebrate Collection (VCCDRS).

Additionally this database includes "virtual specimens". This means some records are based on observation and not physical specimens. Other records refer to specimens not present in our own collections in Galápagos, but records of specimens hosted in collaborating Ecuadorian and international institutions. For acronyms of the institutions where these specimens are deposited please refer to the Biodiversity Collections Index (soon to be merged with Biorepositories.org). We appreciate the permission granted to us to make this information publicly available.

Virtual Tour of our Collections

In collaboration with Google, the Charles Darwin Foundation has developed a Virtual Tour that permits you to go on a virtual tour of our collections and see how our specimens are stored. In addition, by following these links, you can virtually visit through Google Maps the Herbarium Building (CDS), the building where the Terrestrial Invertebrate Collection (ICCDRS) is stored and the building that hosts both our collections of Vertebrates (VCCDRS) and Marine Invertebrates (MCCDRS).

Images of our Collections

The largest specimen of in the CDF Collections are the bones of the Bryde's whale Balaenoptera edeni (Anderson, 1879).

Palinoteca CDS

Electronic photograph of Opuntia echios var. gigantea Howell, Palinoteca collection, Herbarium CDS.

Patricia Jaramillo pressing samples.

The medium ground Finch Geospiza fortis (Gould, 1837), is one of the species of Darwin's 14 finch species, which is part of the Vertebrates collection. Males black-colored and females are cream-colored.

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