CDF offers two types of scholarships:

1. Scholarship thesis students are national Ecuadorian students who have finished course work and are conducting thesis research as part of the degree program.

The period for a scholarship depends on the project.

CDF will cover the costs of scholarship thesis students’ travel to and from Galapagos, food, lodging as well as a contribution towards living expenses, life and health insurance and 80 % of the cost of printing the thesis (5 copies).

Current openings

How to apply

If a position is available, click here to begin filling out your application:
Scholarship Application Form (69.5 KB)

Once completed, please send your application to the following address:
Programa de Voluntarios y Becarios Fundación Charles Darwin,
Casilla 17-01-3891
Quito, Ecuador
or send it electronically to
If you need more information or you cannot download the application form, please contact: or call the CDF Volunteer Program office at (593) 5526-146/147 or (593) 527-013/014 ext. 126.

Note: The additional materials necessary for volunteers and scholarship thesis students to send to CDF are generally the same, however, those hopeful for a scholarship must also include a transcript and thesis essay.

2. Scholarship students are local students (from Galapagos) who have finished college level and need to continue their studies at the university in areas directly related to the mission of the CDF.

To apply for a scholarship in CDF the applicant must submit the documents for volunteers in addition to the following:

  • Information regarding the university at which you are continuing your advanced studies.
  • Information including courses of studies, academic major, target date for completion of your studies, and the academic structure of your university (trimester, semester, quarter, etc.)
  • Cost of registration, matriculation, and tuition
  • Certificates earned as a volunteer at CDF or at other institutions dedicated to conservation in Galapagos

Selection Criteria

  • High school graduates who have previously been volunteers for CDF or any other institution dedicated to Galapagos conservation for a minimum of three months.
  • Persons born in the Galapagos Islands or permanent residents of the Galapagos Islands who have graduated from a Galapagos high school.
  • A good academic record
  • Have demonstrated an interest in conservation of the Galapagos Islands or other conservation interests
  • Have had a productive experience as a volunteer for the CDF or other conservation institution

Note: Scholarship students are selected on the basis of the CDF’s needs, the students’ area of study, and availability of funds. It is also important to consider that scholarship students who fail their courses will have to reimburse the total of their grant to the Charles Darwin Foundation.